About Us

About Us

Point Five Data Analytics (P5D) offers consultancy and training services to postgraduate and undergraduate students, as well as researchers, practitioners and organizations. Born out of the need for students and practitioners to understand and make sense of the ever increasing socioeconomic and demographic data, P5D focusses on offering hands-on training to students in terms of hypothesis generation, strong problem statement writing, sound methodology development, quality data collection and noisy data curation, comprehensive data analysis and effective report writing for their thesis. In addition, P5D offers online and in-person training on statistical software such as Stata, SPSS, R, EViews, among others. Knowing that effective policies are born out of comprehensive policy analysis and implementation of interventions, P5D also offers consultancy services to researchers, practitioners and organizations that are involved in project implementation, monitoring and evaluation.   

Mission, Vision & Core Values


To provide down-to-earth consultancy and training services on data collection, curation, analysis, report writing, monitoring and evaluation, that postgraduate and undergraduate students recommend to their classmates, researchers recruit their enumerators, practitioners working with data seek advice, and organizations consult for project monitoring and evaluation


We envision a world where every person or organization is data literate, can make sense of noisy data, guide investment options and help create a better society for all.

Core values    

 Affability, Responsiveness, Compassion, Humility, Efficiency, and Transparency (ARCH-ET)